Volkswagen ClimatePartner GmbH is a joint venture by VW Kraftwerk GmbH and ClimatePartner GmbH. We develop and finance certified carbon offset projects which meet strict standards and demonstrably offset CO2 emissions. Along with measures designed to avoid and reduce CO2 emissions, companies can achieve carbon neutrality by offsetting their residual emissions.


About ClimatePartner

ClimatePartner GmbH is an international provider of climate action solutions for companies and helps its clients calculate, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions. Its services also include the initiation and development of international carbon offset projects which are held to the highest standards of quality. They provide means of offsetting emissions in different regions and use various technologies and standards. ClimatePartner was established in 2006, As of March 2022, the climate action expert has more than 400 employees who help over 5,000 companies in 60+ countries take action to protect the climate.

Volkswagen Kraftwerk

About Volkswagen Kraftwerk

VW Kraftwerk GmbH is the energy provider and decarbonisation partner of the Volkswagen Group and a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG. Its field of activity includes managing carbon offsetting in the Volkswagen Group, transitioning to a renewable energy supply and planning, building and operating power generation and supply installations