Our international team is made up of experts in project development, ecosystem management concepts, technology transfer and project financing. Managing Directors are Dr. Angelika Hilger and Professor Michael Rumberg.

Dr. Angelika Hilger

Dr. Angelika Hilger:

Angelika Hilger studied Economics and Business Administration, concluding with a PhD in International Management. During her 20 years career in management at Volkswagen Group, she held responsibility in a variety of corporate functions, including General Management, Marketing, Communications and Digital Business. With previous work assignments in Taiwan and through consulting projects with global teams in Europe, China and the Americas, Ms. Hilger brings extensive international and intercultural experience to Volkswagen ClimatePartner.

Prof. Dr. Michael Rumberg

Prof. Dr. Michael Rumberg:

Michael Rumberg studied forestry and did his doctorate on forest carbon offset projects. His 20-year professional career includes positions at university, in environmental technology, commodity trading, certification companies and the insurance industry. Mr. Rumberg brings extensive international and intercultural experience from project work in more than 30 countries to Volkswagen ClimatePartner

Our team

Daniela Flügel
Portfolio Management
Dr. David Gwenzi
Forestry Monitoring (External Advisor)
Dr. Jan Bellin
Compliance & Legal
Frank Bittner
Jacob Bourgeois
Operational Strategy & Innovation
Juana Maria Reyes
Project Development
Kathrin Hegger
Due Diligence
Max Bannikov
Maximilian Kadzioch
Project Development
Nicholas Simanjuntak
Project Development (External Advisor)
Nina Lehmann
Executive Assistance
Paola del Rio
Project Development (External Advisor)
Rahel Roloff
Marketing & Communications